Opuntia Ficus Indica (Plant no.2) (Collection Only)

Opuntia Ficus Indica (Plant no.2) (Collection Only)


Note: The plant in the photo is the actual one you will receive. Due to size these are collection only

Scientific Name: Opuntia Ficus Indica

Common Name: Prickly Pear

Other Names: Indian Fig Opuntia, Barbary Fig, Cactus Pear, Spineless Cactus

Size: Height 60cm, Spread 20cm, Perfect Pot Size: 20cm Diameter

About the plant : Check out these totally awesome…. HUGE spineless cactus! They are primarily grown as a fruit crop, and if you are lucky enough you may get some fruit on these too. They are also massively on trend at the moment and can be seen in interior designs across the world.

Care: A dense sandy structure is best for Opuntia. We find a cactus compost provides good results. Rain water is ideal, however tap water that has had time for chemicals to evaporate will do just fine. Its best to water only when dry from the last time, and tip any excess water away afterwards. A bright room with indirect sunlight will provide the best growing conditions

Toxicity: Opuntia and their fruit should only be eaten by those who know the proper methods of preparation.

Native Locations: Mexico

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